Morah Morah Teach Me Torah

(These songs are meant for instructional purposes--
we are preschool teachers, not professional singers )

Song Title
1   Oh, There Are 5 Books of the Torah
2 Beresheet Yom Rishona Avodah
3 Noach Noah Worked with One Hammer
4   Noah's Song
5 Lecha Lecha We're Going to Canaan
6   The First Jew's Name was Avraham
7   It's Time to Leave Your Homeland
8   Home, Home In My Tent
9 Vayera Three Guests Are Coming to Visit Us
10   Home, Home In My Tent (Longer Version)
11 Chayei Sarah Eliezer Had Ten Camels
12   Mayim
13 Toldot Rivkah and Yitzchak
14 Vaetze We Are Climbing Yaacov's Ladder
15   Here Comes the Bride
16   Yaakov Went to See Laban
17 Vayishlach Yaacov Met and Angel
18 Vayeshev Color Song (ASL)
19 Miketz There Was a Boy Named Yosef
20 Vayigash Yosef Song
21 Vayyichi Chazak, Chazak N'vitchazek
22 Shemot Pharaoh Made the Jews Work Hard
23 Ve'era Scratch Your Rosh
24 Bo Matzoh On Our Backs
25   March of the Ten Plagues
26 Beshallach Red Sea
27   Manna Song
28   Manna Song II
29   Manna Song III
30 Yitro Ten Commandments Song
31   Moshe Climbed Up Har Sinai
32 Mishpatim Be Responsible
33   We're Gonna Eat Some Kosher Food
34 Terumah Gods Gave Us Lots of Gifts
35 Tetzeveh Eight Pieces of Clothing the Kohain Wore
36   Ner Tamid
37 Ki Tissah Where Oh Where Is Moshe?
38 Vayakhel Al Nitlat Yadayim
39 Vayikra Say You're Sorry to Your Friends
40 Tazriah Say Kind Words
41   Tazriah
42 Achrei Mot Yom Kippur Song
43 Kedoshim You Are So Special
44   Kadosh Kadosh
45 Behar Schmitta
46 Bechukotai Hashem Gave Us
47 Bamidbar We're in the Desert
48   The Torah's in the Center of the Ark
49 Naso These Were the Gifts for the Mishkan
50 Beha'alotecha I've Been Teaching All the Laws
51 Shlach Lecha Twleve Spies Went Into Canaan
52   There Are Giants in the Land of Canaan
53 Korach Korach Wanted to be Boss
54 Chukat Speak to a Rock!
55 Pinchas Zelophachad Was a Man
56 Matot We're Gonna Wash Our Pots and Pans
57   We Came Upon the Jordan River
58 Masai Ufaratzdah
59 Re'eh Yetzer Hara and Yetzer Tov
60   Everybody Must be Fair
61 Ki Tavo When You Enter the Promised Land
62 Nitzavim Goofy Mitzyot
63 Vzot Ha Bracha Ring Around the Torah
64   Boom, Boom Ain't it Great to Read Torah
65   Oh Say Shalom to Moshe
66 Rosh Chodesh Oh, Mr. Moon
67   You Are My Crescent Moon